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General Information

For more than a decade I have been writing short fiction and poetry while pursuing its publication in my spare time. In 2008 I earned a Bachelor's of Liberal Studies from the University of Memphis with concentrations in English and Art History. After graduating I started my own business, a small publishing company which produced a quarterly magazine featuring short dark fiction, poetry, and art. In addition, I volunteered for several years for successful local non-profit where my duties included writing promotional and marketing materials for my department. While there I also co-authored several successful proposals that expanded our services and boosted attendance at our events.


  • proofreading
  • editing
  • creative writing
  • copy editing
  • content development
  • proposal writing
  • public speaking
  • ebook and magazine publishing
  • copywriting


My passion is creating things! I love writing and seeing my work in print. I enjoy fiber arts like sewing, quilting, and knitting. At different times I've dabbled in painting and glass fusing. Since working in a photo lab (back when digital photography was in its infancy) I've reveled in documenting my world through photography. My first love though, was music; I spent my childhood and teenage years as a violinist.