15 on the 15th

Check out 15 on the 15th: fifteen curious things found on the web in the past month.

I’ve always been interested in what blogs other people read, so I’m going to pick 15 interesting things that showed up on my feed the past month and share them with you. I read a lot of different blogs, so it’ll probably be pretty eclectic. Enjoy!

1. When the city says they’d like to showcase some of the local culture and invites us, Running a Hackerspace

2. DIY J.Crew-Inspired Necklace, owlswakeup

3. Tutorial: Paper Flower Push Pins, Dollar Store Crafts

4. Review: Needles and Artifice, Plus Sample Project, All She Wants To Do Is Knit (Ok, so this is actually a post from January, but I didn’t read it until April. And this book looks awesome!)

5. Photo Gallery: the Brooks Musuem’s Spring Break Chalk Art Fest, I Love Memphis

6. Advice to my young self on my one-year-Con-niversary, Starts with A Bang    For those not in the know, I was the head of programming for MidSouthCon 30. Ethan was a fantastic guest, and we were thrilled to have him!

7. The Best New Fonts (VOL. 3), Smart School House

8. Strawberry Lemonade Slushie, Blissful and Domestic

9. Plus Size Shopping: Before, During, and After You Shop- A Roundup, The Curvy Fashonista

10. Full Skirts with Trimmed Tulle peeking out, Make It & Love It This might be a kid’s skirt, but I would totally make this in my size and wear it!

11. 5 Difficulties New Sewing Machine Users Commonly Encounter, While She Naps

12. Cadence KAL: Finishing your Knit!, KristenMakes   Great tips for knitters!

13. April Fools: My History of Failed Jokes, After Plumcake


15. Vengeance is a dish best served with inflatable horns, The Bloggess


P.S. Since Google Reader is being shut down soon, I’ve migrated over to TheOldReader.  They’re having some growing pains, but they’re awesome

About Kara

Kara Ferguson was born and raised in Memphis, TN by extremely liberal parents. She frequently thanks them for deciding not to name her Starshine. Kara lives with her husband and their two spoiled cats and spends her free time watching zombie movies, and pretending to be a writer and editor. She will read anything she can get her hands on. In December of 2008 Kara obtained a degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Memphis with concentrations in English and Art History. Since then, she's started her own literary magazine, Midnight Screaming, and her husband now questions her sanity. Her dream is to write and publish her magazine full time, but unfortunately someone has to pay off all those student loans. Her writing career began with angsty teenage poetry, followed by several unsuccessful attempts at National Novel Writing Month and various unfinished short stories. Kara finally has several finished works (only one of which is about zombies) which she hopes will eventually impress someone enough to publish them. Until then, she'll keep on writing and publishing other writers in her magazine.
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