Symptoms Of Weight Loss With A Side Of TMI

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to the past few months, I’ll gladly tell you. Aside from internalizing my anger, sadness, and frustration over my mother’s illness, I’ve been trying to be a healthier person, mentally and physically.

What does that mean, exactly? For me it means working out five or six days a week, and meticulously logging everything I eat. While I try not to deny myself anything (because that never works for me) I try and stay within specific ranges for calories and fat. I also pay close attention to my carb intake.

In addition to all of that, I’m taking metformin for an off label use. My doctor has been using it with some of his patients to assist with weight loss and has had very good results. I’ve been taking it for about two months, which is why I watch my carbs. And drastically limit my alcohol in take. I know you can’t see me, but I’m making a sad face. A very sad face.

Despite my size, chub rub has never really been an issue for me. I have super crazy dry skin, so I moisturize like a mad woman. Think Cassandra from Dr. Who… MOISTURIZE ME! Yeah. But, for the last week or so I’ve had some ridiculous chafing in the groin area. I’m trying not to get too graphic here and embarrass anyone, so we’re just going to go with that. Anyway, so I had the chafing, and it sucked. AND, I couldn’t figure out why all of the sudden this was a thing.

But then I had one of those complete AH-HA moments and it suddenly hit me. As of this week, I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds. I had to buy all new pants so I wouldn’t be at risk of flashing my coworkers. And you know what I didn’t replace? What it hadn’t occurred to me was also now too big? My underwear. Yup.

So, if you’re currently on your own weight loss journey, don’t forget to downsize your underwear, folks. You’ll thank me. Actually, don’t think about me while you’re buying underwear, because that’s just awkward.

About Kara

Kara Ferguson was born and raised in Memphis, TN by extremely liberal parents. She frequently thanks them for deciding not to name her Starshine. Kara lives with her husband and their two spoiled cats and spends her free time watching zombie movies, and pretending to be a writer and editor. She will read anything she can get her hands on. In December of 2008 Kara obtained a degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Memphis with concentrations in English and Art History. Since then, she's started her own literary magazine, Midnight Screaming, and her husband now questions her sanity. Her dream is to write and publish her magazine full time, but unfortunately someone has to pay off all those student loans. Her writing career began with angsty teenage poetry, followed by several unsuccessful attempts at National Novel Writing Month and various unfinished short stories. Kara finally has several finished works (only one of which is about zombies) which she hopes will eventually impress someone enough to publish them. Until then, she'll keep on writing and publishing other writers in her magazine.
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  1. Lisa says:

    Yes!!! Getting a new bra and underwear that actually fits after you lose some weight makes a huge difference. Choose to be comfortable. :)

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